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importance of the Legal Consultations

Laws have been established for the safety, security, advancement & progress of societies, as well as to control the behavior of individuals, to define rights/duties, & to preserve freedoms of all individuals

In light of the complex legal systems & procedures, and the state of intertwining in relations/interests imposed by contemporary life.

The importance of the Legal Consultations

It has become necessary for every person to consult with a lawyer or a legal consultant before taking any action that would entail legal effects or obligations.

No matter what the nature of work, whether it is social, such as marriage and divorce, or economically, such as establishing a company or project.

It is a risk to enter a partner in a company without consulting a lawyer to know the legal obligations that result from the establishment of companies, or to conclude a contract without knowing the effects that this contract has on you.

Legal Consultations Definition

Legal consultations can be defined as requests for legal consultation & opinion on a specific issue, through which the seeker of advice seeks to know the rule of law regarding the issue at hand, using the legal expertise; the practical & scientific experience of the advisor.

Legal consultation the prior service for legal professions, & its value, whatever it is, is not compared to the value of the material losses and legal problems that may result from acting without consulting a lawyer or a legal consultancy firm specialized in the same field.

Perhaps the many cases & disputes are caused by not taking legal opinion from experts regarding transactions, actions and the need to document right, is broader & more comprehensive than litigation.

Therefore, successful law firm provide legal & advisory services at an international level to individuals & companies from various countries.

Types of Legal Consultations

There are several types and means of providing legal advice and in general we will mention them,

Verbal counseling is provided through a meeting between the counselor and the counselor, in which the issue is raised, and all papers and documents available to the counselor are reviewed, and facts and details are discussed so that the counselor has a clear and accurate picture through which he can determine the situation from a legal point of view and provide a detailed oral explanation about all possibilities provided by law regarding it, and legal consultations can be provided through video conversations.

There are written consultations, where the consultant provides advice in a written form that includes facts, documents and the issue raised in a clear and accurate manner and ends with a legal opinion.

Besides the possibility of submitting it via e-mail, it facilitates communication between the counselor and the consultants regardless of the distance between them.

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