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About us

Founder's Letter

The concept of Law and Legal Consultation goes beyond the traditional prevailing definition thereof, confiding its role to intervention in the event of a dispute or in the need to take certain procedures. We truly believe that the rule of law doesn’t only lie in its guarantors and their ability to apply it, it rather lies in the raising of public awareness through various means of communication and contact with the community, in order to clarify the true spirit of the Law according to the principle of Justice and Equality, and inform them with their rights, duties and responsibilities.


The highly developed legislative and legal environment in the United Arab Emirates has paved the way for specialists and practitioners in Law for the development of practical worthy experiences, and here I call on everyone to focus on spreading the spirit of Law by simplifying its contents and delivering them to the individual and the institution through modern means, that enable them to understand the core of these texts and then convert them to a daily routine exchanged with its surroundings, to end up having one community that is fully aware of its legal rights and duties, the thing that will positively reflect on social and economic different sectors.

Giving Law a more humane feature requires that everyone would comprehend the meaning of this quote The right to swing my arms in any direction ends where your nose begins.

A person’s freedom ends where another person’s begins i.e. everyone is able to apply the values of tolerance and coexistence in a community that is governed by collective behavioral rules and convictions that elevate the Spirit of Law and dignify its status.

Lawyer & CEO,
Mr. Ibrahim Al Hosani

Our Vision:

Our vision is spreading leadership & excellence by providing insured protection in law & legal consultancy, across the United Arab Emirates.

Ibrahim Al Hosani Advocate & Legal Consultants (iLAW) has established many achievements in the UAE, from businesses, corporates, families & individuals’ client servicing.