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Intellectual property is not just a legal term but a strong framework that gives innovators and creators legal rights to enrich and protect innovation, creativity, and competition.

Our intellectual property team seeks to provide exceptional and comprehensive services to protect and manage your intellectual property. We recognize the importance of intellectual property in the modern world, where innovation and creativity are key pivots in economic and technological development.

Our experts are committed to providing the necessary support to provide effective knowledge and tools to help you maintain your rights accurately and effectively. We are here to give you confidence and strength to enhance your competition as a precious asset in the innovation and business arena.

Who we are:

Professor Ibrahim Al Hosani Office of Law and Law Consulting provides iLAW
All services specialise in protecting intellectual property, under the supervision of a team of lawyers with expertise and competence in protecting patents, trademarks and literary property rights. To meet our customers’ needs and provide an effective solution for startups large enterprises and innovators. We are here to be your perfect partner in the journey of protecting your intellectual rights.

أهمية العلامة التجارية‌ وأنواعها

Our Vision:

Through our deep understanding of legal developments and technological innovations, our vision is to achieve excellence in intellectual property services and strive to be the best partner for our customers in protecting their creativity. with the necessary support to ensure their success. We look forward to providing an effective legal solution that contributes to enhancing our customers’ success and achieving their goals in the global market.
We are committed to keeping abreast of all global events and legal developments. Our dedicated team ensures the delivery of outstanding services. Our focus is to provide effective protection of our customers’ rights, whether they are startups or large enterprises. With high professionalism, we strive to balance innovation with legal protection, giving our customers the ability to excel in a diverse global business environment.

Our Services

We do all services related to intellectual property from:

This includes conducting research and verifying the availability of the trademark desired for registration, submitting registration applications to the trademark office, monitoring trademarks and dealing with any violations.

Includes providing advice and guidance to companies and individuals on how to protect their confidential business information and ideas. The service also includes reviewing contracts and agreements to ensure that trade secrets are properly protected dealing with cases of potential violations and providing legal advice regarding trade secrets rights, investigation procedures and legal follow-up.

includes assistance in the protection of inventions through the preparation and submission of patent applications, implementation of necessary technical research, handling of legal stages and assistance in the protection of patent rights.

legal protection for authors, artists and creators. This service includes assistance in identifying works to be recorded, such as books, essays, songs and paintings, and guiding the legal requirements and procedures required for registration. In addition to preparing the necessary documents and submitting them to the Intellectual Property Office, follow up the process until obtaining official registration

Copyright includes exclusive authors’ rights, which prohibits the unauthorized use of works through official registration and international treaties. This service allows the use of literature and control of financial rights. In addition to providing consultations on the duration of its protection and dealing with its violations.

Is responsible for managing and maintaining registered intellectual property rights, such as updating files, renewing trademarks, patents and copyrights, and managing records and legal transactions related to intellectual property.

involves dealing with intellectual property disputes, whether they be violations of property rights or disputes between Contracting Parties. Legal advice and assistance in finding compromises can be provided for disputes or representation before courts or dispute resolution bodies.

on all grievances, objections and advice on intellectual property protection strategies and understanding of their laws and regulations before the courts and the Department of Economics.

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