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Legal insight & business instinct with a passion for justice

– Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Ajman University
– Worked at the Public Prosecution Office in Dubai from 2002 to 2014
Appointed Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sharjah Child Protection Network
– He was elected to the board of directors of the Emirates Association of Lawyers and Legal Professionals
– Member of the advisory board at the College of Law, Abu Dhabi University
– Appointed Director General of the Higher Institute for Legal Training of the Emirates Association of Lawyers and Legal Persons, and head of the Media Center
– Presented many training courses and workshops to a number of companies, individuals and entities on many legal topics
– Organized, managed, and participated in many local and international legal conferences
– Specialized in criminal cases, and laws related to corporate development and entrepreneurship
He pleaded in many important issues and public opinion issues

A legal advisor with more than thirty years of experience in the legal profession and a doctorate in law.

Member of the Emirates Association of Lawyers and Jurists.

Member of the Arab lawyers union.

Member of the Egyptian Bar Association (restricted to the degree of cassation).

He has great experience in legal work in all branches of law and has worked in major law firms in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

He has the ability, skill and legal knowledge that qualifies him to provide legal advice to clients, whether companies or individuals, to reach the best solutions and satisfactory results for them.

29 years of practical and actual legal experience.

Work before the Egyptian courts of different types and degrees.

Registered lawyer in the Supreme Constitutional and Cassation Court in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Registered with the Bar Association in Egypt from 1996 until now.

Working as a legal advisor and lawyer for many companies and institutions in Egypt.
Legal experience in the United Arab Emirates for four years as a legal advisor.

Legal advisor in the UAE since 2017 until now

Experience reviewing and drafting contracts and agreements in both Arabic and English

Participated in many arbitration cases. He has experience in UAE law and court systems

He has the ability to negotiate and give legal advice in both Arabic and English

– Specialized in criminal, civil, commercial and personal status litigation in the United Arab Emirates and others.
– Drafting contracts for many Egyptian and foreign investment companies and managing their legal affairs.
– He worked as a legal advisor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the largest law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he is familiar with all Saudi laws and the developments that have occurred in them, and he handled arbitration cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
– Researcher and writer after examining the laws in force in the countries (Egypt – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates).


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