Training is one of the main activities of our firm, and the goal of this center is providing the legal training for lawyers and legal experts in all professional fields through the firm belief in the need for possessing the means of success, whether awareness of legal and legislative knowledge or skills of defense before the courts.

It is well known that all law graduates of Arab universities studying a mere academic study and not experiencing the practical study except in rare cases, so the training for these graduates is imperative to learn the principles of the legal profession and the entire legal work, and then they can practice that honorable profession in the future professionally, as well as government bodies staff shall be aware of legal and legislative knowledge in their respective fields to ensure the conduct of their work with professionalism and accuracy.

Accordingly, the training center aims to provide an integrated training programs for the lawyers starting from the reception of the client or customer and the examination of its documents and statements supporting his position, and then deciding how to use these documents and statements in preparing the statement of claim or legal memorandum with the means that leads to obtain its rights or protect them from injustice.
The center also provides training for staff on carrying out the legal procedures and awareness of all laws and regulations necessary for proper conducting of work.

IThe Firm also provides legal consultations for companies and institutions according to an annual agreement that enables them to obtain legal consultations during the year and at any time, in addition to auditing all correspondence, publications and bonds of the company or the institution.