“Pacta sunt servanda” The contract is the law of the contractors. Hence, we pay contracts, whether made between companies, institutions or individuals, distinctive attention to make sure that they free of defects and legal impurities, that may expose contracting parties to risks and losses. So, we draft Memorandums of Association of individual institutions or national and mixed companies with all its kinds (Private Companies – Limited Liability Companies – Joint Stock Companies – Partnership Companies – Free Zone Companies), in addition to; contracts of merging, agreements of cooperation and mediation, companies and liquidation contracts, drafting of all contracts; including sales, lease, mortgage, insurance, and contracts of gifts or inheritances, endowments and such contracts that govern all civil, commercial and legal transactions.

The drafting of all undertakings, correspondence, and any other legal documents, which the client is a party thereof, are subject to stages of auditing and reviewing reaching a final legally integrated form. The same applies to reviewing and editing the documents that have been drafted by a third party, and to notify the clients with the conditions that may lead to damage within their interest as a result of being a part of the contract as such can only be made via a comprehensive legal audit.