Disputes of Money Laundry

With the development of international trade, the marine sales were developed to be more conformed with the fast routine of life, but many problems come to the surface such sales are concluded between traders belonging to different countries, which leads to intervention in the implementation of the sale contract with the execution of the maritime contract. .

Money laundry or what is known as white collar crimes is one of the most dangerous digital economy crimes as it is considered to be the real challenge for the institutions of finance and business.

It is also a real test of the strength of laws and their capacity to fight crime and stand against its forms that are quite different from the traditional criminology and punishment theories.


So, we offer our services and consultations fighting this crime through providing our consultancy to entities and individuals regarding to all aspects of this crime and the potential dangers in case of doubt found within in some transactions in order to protect such entity and the national economy. We also offer our expertise in the field of defending the perpetrators of that crime who unintentionally or accidentally perpetuated it.