With the development of international trade, the marine sales were developed to be more conformed with the fast routine of life, but many problems come to the surface such sales are concluded between traders belonging to different countries, which leads to intervention in the implementation of the sale contract with the execution of the maritime contract. .

It is the matter that made the International Chamber of Commerce to stipulate the international trade rules «Incoterms» of its own at the international level.

These rules include provisions related to the «CIF» and the «FOB» sales and other kinds of sales represented in the terms and rules of maritime transportation and maritime arbitration.

The Force Majeure in the field of maritime and air disputes are conventional rules i.e. they are not mandatory as they are only applied if the parties of the maritime sale agreed thereon.

Furthermore, some countries such as France, Kuwait and Tunisia have recently legalized maritime sales via modern legislations.

So, we offer a distinctive service in this field that is related to the international conventions, which govern maritime and air transportation, especially environmental laws after the spread of crimes of waste disposal into the sea and territorial waters of some countries.

We also offer our expertise in the field of putting ships violating national laws and international conventions under custody, as well as the disposition of shipwrecks and sunken ships.