Arbitration is one of the most effective ways to settle disputes instead of bringing cases to the court as arbitration is characterized by its promptness in litigation and execution.

Arbitration also grants the litigants a free will to determine the law to be applied by the arbitral tribunal regarding the subject of the dispute.

Moreover, arbitration is considered to be a parallel means to the court reaching settlements for civil and commercial disputes. Whereas, upon our acknowledgment of the significant role of arbitration being the most favored solution for most businessmen and investors in addition to our recognition of the significance of arbitration, we carry out all arbitration proceedings beginning with the nomination of the arbitrator till the submission of the arbitration agreement and then submission of all the notes and documents until the issuance of the arbitration award, and then taking the required procedures of its approval and implementation.

We actually had our share acting as an arbitrator in numerous disputes. The Firm has worked on several arbitration cases in different fields. Accordingly, the Firm can be approached for the arbitration of any dispute, which may occur regarding any subject as excellent selective arbitrators in civil, commercial, economic and other fields can be provided.